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Mr Puppy wants to explore the world, but he's trapped in a toy store. When other toys try to discourage him and his dream, he bravely follows his heart and escapes in a toy flying balloon. Outside he experiences a world of adventure and music.


The musical by Michael David Lee with music and lyrics by David Tolley evolved from the much-loved Mr Puppy brand of apparel and pet products. Lee, the brand's creator, says the musical is a great adventure with amazing music and dancing from around the world. 

The author states "Mr. Puppy was inspired by events in my life. Working as a photojournalist in hot spots across the world, I saw much suffering and sadness. During one of my expeditions, amidst horrific events, I began to doodle a friendly face from my past, Mr Puppy.


When I was a kid my grandmother gave me a toy dog I named Mr. Puppy. We had great adventures and happy times together. Those doodles gave me some relief that day and a smile. They would be the inspiration for the art you see featured on products today. That happy feeling Mr. Puppy gave me was something I wanted to give and share with others. I believed Mr. Puppy could have an amazing impact on people everywhere. And he does. The emotion in Mr. Puppy's face is genuine and real and activates a happy feeling in people of all ages.”

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